Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Simple day

"There is no one like me, most importantly there is no one like you." -Lykke Li

6 a.m, Shower, 2 cups of coffee, a cup of tea with milk, "Love my life" again, 8 a.m, Bus station, School, smoking with Anand, english listening, break time, huushuur, Khulan or Musiophy, Thank you, smoking with MB, Anand, Bawu, english translation, absent, chups, "Modnii 2", Interview with her, taxi, work, news, 6 p.m, shop, ice-cream, biscuits, "Tomorrow, at 8.30 am- Nayra cafe with Musiophy", Likke Li songs, Mom is calling, "Try to come early, I cooked ur fav", Just peaceful...
How would you spend your day if you knew that it was your last?


Anima said...

Would do my own. Like go around, take photos, jogging/hiking, tell him/her I love you forever, meditate, watch 1 more movie(of course last one as well), go to my mom and tell her sorry and thanks for everything, find you and ask to offer hang out with me last day of my life...

I loved this song. I always like to read your post.

Тиловало said...

1.Minii usgun kanunuudiig uzsen uu?
2.Uulzaltaa hoishluulii, due to work (so sorry)
3.Hend hairtai ingej helhiin? (daraa dadaa helii shoo da :p)
4.Bi jegsen ene duund durtai. Teed
"find you and ask to offer hang out with me" goe sanagdjiina :)

Anima said...

Uzej l bnadaa still duusague. Impression huvaltsnaa.